Tsuritama Fanfic Giveaway

Yes. It’s time once again. I did one fanfic giveaway in September and wrote two fics, and did three fics in a giveaway in October. After October I was all fanficed out. Stopped with Cosmic Separation and fanfics for a while. I’m completing Cosmic Separation this weekend, and my spring break is coming up. SO FANFIC GIVEAWAY.


  • One fanfic of your personal choice. No limits. Will write smut, fluff, any ship, no ships. 
  • There will be three winners.
  • You may enter as many times as you want by liking and reblogging this post. Just don’t be too obnoxious to your followers.
  • I will be using a random number generator to pick the winners.
  • If you have won one of my other fanfic giveaways before you are not allowed to enter, sorry. I know who you guys are. 
  • If you win, I will notify you. Keep your ask open. If you do not reply within three days then your prize will be given to someone else. 
  • I will draw the names Friday, March 8th 2013. 
  •  If this post doesn’t get more than 60 notes I reserve the right to take this down and cancel the giveaway.
  • YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE FOLLOWING ME, but I’d appreciate it.

If you wanna look at my old fanfic giveaways and fics find them here.

Don’t worry about prompting me with anything when you win ^.^ that being said you don’t have to have clear cut fanfic ideas in mind, I like collaborating and working out stuff. Any ships, any topic, any smut..any detail just anything you want. You will have it. 

If you have questions about the giveaway just message me alright ^.^ 

I will post the winners on the date above, tag and message all winners. Thanks!

Haino Haino Bitches,


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